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Specializing in messy babes with beautiful things

Since founding Dolly Organizing in 2015, I have worked with a variety of creative individuals to meet their unique needs.


About Dolly

A millennial Mary Poppins with a calm & sunny attitude, I love making this process feel achievable instead of terrifying. Outside of work, I have a passion for reality TV, astrology memes, gin gimlets, and my pink apartment. Although I have worked with nearly every kind of client you can think of, I specialize in messy babes with an abundance of beautiful things. If you like to live by your own rules while your fancy lingerie stays packed in a suitcase, you’ll probably be my client for life.

  • Bachelor of Philosophy, Interdisciplinary Studies, Miami University

  • Member of National Association of Organizing Professionals

    • Certificates: Residential Organizing & Household Management



$599 (Virtual $399)

$399 (Virtual $199)

$499 (Virtual $299)

My most popular package!

What’s not working in your home, workspace, inbox, or routine? I’ll guide you through deciding what to keep and the best ways to keep it.

After our meeting,

you’ll receive a fully detailed, customized project plan tailored to your taste and budget.

Overwhelmed with life and don’t know where to begin? You’re not alone. No matter what's got you stuck... whether it’s your small business, an upcoming life event, a project you’re procrastinating, or you’re just stuck in freeze mode, let’s figure it out. We can create a system,

a step-by-step plan, and a task list that’s catered to you and your own unique work style.

You love pretty pictures of yourself but getting ready for a photo shoot fills you with dread and anxiety. Whether it's a sexy boudoir shoot or just a simple portrait, I’ll help you remember everything you need and pack your bags to show up confident and ready to pose.

$499 (Virtual $299)

$399 (Virtual $199)

Virtual $99

For my fabulous frequent fliers who are always between trips. I will help you pack, unpack, repack, plan, check, double check, triple check. We’ll ensure everything makes it into the suitcase(s) so you can get a good night’s sleep and show up to the airport on time with everything you need.

What you earn, what you spend, what you owe, what you have. We can figure it out. Haven’t filed taxes in years? Let’s turn your bag of receipts into an organized spreadsheet and make an appointment with your CPA.
Financial and legal advice
not included.

Got an organizing dilemma but not ready to commit to a full session? Ask me your burning questions in this mini consultation. We can discuss organizing products, services in your area, obstacles to organizing, whatever you like.


I’m embarrassed by how bad my apartment has gotten. Will you judge me? Absolutely not, I’m here to help. It’s completely normal to feel embarrassment or shame about disorganization. I’ve seen all different kinds of apartments and hardly anyone is as “bad” as they think.

What kind of people do you work with? I work with a wide variety of clients. My clients include everyone from doctors to drag queens to dominatrixes as well as artists, dancers, professors, actors, singers, lawyers, nurses, showgirls, architects, students, bartenders, designers, cam girls, bakers, salespeople, hair stylists, circus performers, writers, teachers, bankers, and more. All different kinds of people struggle with staying organized, you are not alone!

What is the process for booking you? We'll begin with a complimentary phone consultation to see if I’m a good fit for your particular project. If we decide to move forward, we can get something on the calendar right away.

I’m preparing to move or just recently moved. Can you help me? Yes I can! Many of my clients contact me because they’re preparing for a move. Others just recently moved and need help figuring out how to set up their new place. Also, it’s totally okay if you moved in two years ago and still haven’t unpacked… life happens.

Are you going to tell people how messy I am or share my personal business? Never. This stays between us. However, feel free to share the details of our session with your friends and family. Some of my best clients have found me through previous clients.

Are you going to tell me all my belongings are ugly and out of style and make me replace everything I own? Definitely not! I’ll ask a lot of questions to provide the best guidance, support, and advice but every final decision is yours. You are the expert in your things and what is important to YOU.

I have a friend or family member who desperately needs your services. Could I hire you on their behalf? Yes, I have had lots of clients treat their loved ones to an organizing session and I think it’s a lovely gift. However, I encourage you to talk about this with them beforehand to see if they’re interested. I will never agree to a “surprise” organizing session.

Do you mind if I vape during our session? Not at all. Be my guest.

Working with Dolly

“Dolly is a genius and a life changer. She is calm, sweet, smart, works quickly with you, and best of all, DOES NOT judge. I absolutely recommend her to everyone.”

“Dolly is a genius and a life changer. She is calm, sweet, smart, works quickly with you, and best of all, DOES NOT judge. I absolutely recommend her to everyone.”

“For the first time in months, I am at home in my room again. Dolly came over and, in a gentle and compassionate way, helped me sort through years of accumulated costumes, clothes and belongings. She was patient and kind, totally comfortable with tears, and I am now well on the way to sustainable organization.”



“Dolly is a genius and a life changer. She turned my bedroom, a place I was completely and utterly ashamed of, into an oasis where I am actually excited to sleep. She is calm, sweet, smart, works quickly with you, and best of all, DOES NOT judge. I absolutely recommend her to everyone.”



"I used to pride myself on my organizational skills but then I got tired, lazy, but mostly overwhelmed. Dolly came in and saved the lifetime. She took the shameful thoughts out of things piling up. She completely refreshed, updated and fine tuned an organization system for me to follow that's curated specifically for me. I am forever grateful."



"Without Dolly’s help, my apartment would have looked like a rat’s nest. She’s the only one who taught me how to use organizational systems in a way that works to keep everything tidy, even if you’re throwing your clothes around as you get ready. She is a miracle worker, and she’ll even help you organize your dildos, even if they’re covered in cat hair. She won’t judge you.”



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